EasyCarting Mobile Passport Photo Service - Lockdown Update

Take the stress out of passport photos, even during lockdown – here’s our guide to taking your photos from home, and steps on how to get your perfect prints delivered to your mailbox.

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Taking Passport Photos at Home


With lockdown upon us (an update on restrictions can be found here) unfortunately we can no longer visit homes to take passport photos and print them on the spot. However, we are still offering a print and deliver service for our customers, which you can use with any digital passport/ID photo you possess.

If you require a passport photo during this time, we recommend you take your own photo at home, according to the correct specifications, and allow our team to print and deliver the photos to your mailbox. This process allows for contactless delivery, as well as the convenience we strive to deliver as a passport photo provider.

Simply select “I have an existing photo” on our booking form, and upload the passport photo/s you would like printed, and select a time for delivery.

A member of our team will ensure your passport photo meets all the requirements for the country/purpose you have selected, and will print however many sets you order (1 printed set includes 4 photos).

Some specifications, such as the dimensions of your photo, background colour, and brightness, can be edited by our professionals at no extra cost. This will ensure your passport photos have the maximum chance of being accepted – however, much of this chance requires certain specifications to be met when the photo is taken.

Here is a guide for home photographers when taking a passport/ID photo:

  • Your photo should be taken in front of a plain white background. This could be a wall, or a cupboard, or any other white backdrop – if you require a different background colour, such as a red background for Indonesian passport photos, our professionals can edit this as required after the photo is taken.
  • The ideal background will be well lit with indirect natural light. Try facing the light source to ensure one side of the face isn’t brighter than the other.
  • Additional light sources should be used where possible (overhead lights, lamps, etc.), but be wary of lights that cast a yellow light and alter your natural skin tone in the final photo – the final photo should be an accurate representation of your appearance.
  • Ideally, the photo should be taken by a secondary person, standing approximately 1.2 to 1.5 metres away from you (think of all that social distancing practice!). Selfies are strongly discouraged and should only be tried if no other option is available.
  • Ask your photographer to leave plenty of blank space above your head, and to be cautious of casting shadows on your face.
  • During the photo, look straight into the camera with a neutral expression. Your face outline should be completely unobstructed, and your mouth should be closed:
    • Religious headwear is accepted.
    • Sweep as much hair off of your face as possible.
    • Glasses are not always allowed, depending on the document you are applying for – we recommend going without glasses, as any reflections, or part of the frame obstructing your eyes, will lead to your photo being rejected.
    • No decorative headwear (hats, bows, etc.).
    • For some passports, your ears must be visible (hair tucked behind ears), check if this applies (Chinese and Taiwanese passports are notable examples).
  • The photo must be clear, in focus, and of sufficient definition (most modern day camera phones are more than acceptable).

Once this process is finished, the photo can be printed! This must be done on a high quality printer on photo quality paper.

If you require printing in Melbourne, or the surrounding suburbs of Melbourne, feel free to contact us and we will hand deliver prints to your door. Deliver is free, so the price for convenience is low.

For more information, see our reviews here, and our booking page here.


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Example Photos

Note: Your passport photos may be different dimensions to the examples shown, this is a general representation of passport photo requirements that apply to any country/ID photo

See Australian Passport Requirements

Find the Requirements for Your Photo

We have created specific guides for many international passport photos, including all required dimensions and the required background colour.

We recommend you check the guide that applies to you before commencing with your own passport photos:

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